Our Vision

We aim for a world where people can coexist in harmony; where technology is used for protecting nature and wildlife, so we can all benefit from clean air and water, food and shelter. A world guided by respect and consensus between humans and nature.

Our Values

Our actions are powered by DLOT

  • We advocate for environmentally friendly actions and products.
  • We support life as a continuous state of exploration and discovery of the self.
  • We promote love and acceptance for everyone and everything around us.
  • We support the cultural influence of music.

We are committed to a balanced lifestyle. We aim for a life in which technology and nature combine and reach the equilibrium between progress and spirituality.

Our Mission

  • cleaning litter from natural environments such as forests, riverbanks, natural parks and other outdoor protected areas,
  • identifying regions where trash is improperly disposed and referring the situation to the concerned authority,
  • educating tourists and rural communities about the importance of properly disposing trash and providing them the means to collect and recycle the waste,
  • promoting behaviours oriented to minimise the environmental impact of each individual without hindering their comfort zone,
  • achieving a healthy and balanced lifestyle by spending time outdoors and protecting nature.