Our story

We love spending time in nature.By hiking, camping or relaxing in the hammock, we take advantage of every weekend or public holiday to escape the urban jungle.

At first, we took refuge in easily accessible places on foot or by bike. Unfortunately, in this constantly urbanising world, our oases of peace soon became a thing of the past. There are still parks, small forests and barbecue areas nearby, each with their issues and shortcomings: they are crowded, noisy and mostly dirty. Thus, we were forced to withdraw further and further away from the city, hoping to reunite with the unaltered nature.

However, the greater the distance from the cities, the greater our disappointment: massive deforestation, private properties and lots of trash.

Private property.
Trash in water.

Due to poor waste management systems in rural areas, riverbanks are the most vulnerable to uncontrolled landfilling from private household waste. Natural areas of tourist interest face the same problem of poor waste management.

We continued our search for hidden gems away from civilization and we decided to take some garbage bags with us, to pick-up the litter found on the way back. This is how our campaign, Trip And Pick, has started.

Man carying trash during a Trip and Pick trip.
Trash haul in trash bags after a Trip and Pick trip.

We encountered areas with so much garbage that it was impossible for us to clean them in one day. Moreover, we would have needed a van to transport the trash. In the absence of a legal form of operation, as well as financial and human resources, we could not clean many of the problem areas, nor could we hire a sanitation truck.

Trash on the side of the road.

Many of the things we saw on our trips show the need to go further than just picking up other people's trash. For a sustainable development of society, the growth of the community of responsible people is indispensable. This is only possible through education and proper information, especially in rural areas.

In order to find solutions to these issues we founded Community, a non-profit organisation focused on environmental protection.

Through various educational campaigns and events, we aim to create awareness around the impact of human lifestyle on nature and to promote means to improve the physical and mental health while living in harmony with the surroundings.

Dog playing with tarsh.